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  • Billionaire sees potential in West Africa
    Billionaire Aliko Dangote believes West Africa has enormous potential despite Ebola, but needs to fix its infrastructure
  • Goodbye Nokia
    Microsoft is dropping the Nokia brand from its mobile phones.
  • Amazon torn apart by Wall Street piranhas
    Wall Street has a message to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Stop spending so much! Big investments have led to red ink. Amazon's weak holiday quarter sales outlook doesn't help either.
  • How to be a 28 year-old CEO
    Tumblr CEO David Karp tells Christine Romans why Tumblr's advertising strategy is starting to pay off and what it's like to work with Marissa Mayer.
  • Recession explained in silhouette
    Choreographed by Pilobolus dance company and narrated by economic historian John Steele Gordon, Lee Hirsch's short film for 'We the Economy' mounts an educational and entertaining look at...

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  • Ukraine Readies for General Election
    Friday marks the final day of campaigning ahead of Ukraine’s general election on Sunday. But the crisis in the east looms over election day. WSJ's Niki Blasina reports. (Photo: AP)
  • Jerry Seib: The White House Responds to Ebola
    After national attention has been focused on the containment of Ebola in America, the White House has made increasing steps to ensure the public that it has control of the situation. Pho...
  • Jerry Seib: Voter Enthusiasm Making Democrats Uneasy
    As the 2014 midterm election cycle reaches the last stretch, WSJ’s Jerry Seib explains why voter enthusiasm is making Democrats nervous. Photo: AP
  • Jerry Seib: Is Kobani Worth Saving?
    As the Islamic State extremist group continues to attack the Syrian town of Kobani, located directly next to the Turkish border, the fight may have more of a significance in terms of pro...
  • Jerry Seib: The 2014 Election May Be Far From Over
    Although election day is on November 4, voting results could push some elections into runoffs, meaning Americans may have to wait until early 2015 to find out who will control the U.S. S...

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  • Ukraine Readies for General Election
    Friday marks the final day of campaigning ahead of Ukraine’s general election on Sunday. But the crisis in the east looms over election day. WSJ's Niki Blasina reports. (Photo: AP)
  • Iraqi Air Force Bombs Islamic State and Al Qaeda
    The Iraqi air force has released footage of airstrikes in Anbar and Samarra. In Kobani, Islamic State have retaken Tel Shair hill. WSJ’s Mark Kelly reports.
  • Get the Most Bang for Charitable Bucks
    High-net-worth individuals are giving more than ever before, but they get the best results when they are more engaged with the beneficiaries.
  • Europe’s Week Ahead: Stress Tests, Inflation
    Banks will play a leading role in Europe next week, with the European Central Bank releasing stress-test results on Sunday. Also, expect eurozone unemployment and inflation data. Photo: ...
  • Jerry Seib: The White House Responds to Ebola
    After national attention has been focused on the containment of Ebola in America, the White House has made increasing steps to ensure the public that it has control of the situation. Pho...

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  • A Weiner By Any Other Name
    What's in a name? Embattled Nashville metro council candidate Sheri Weiner, who shares her last name with Rep. Anthony Weiner, struggles to convince voters she has no relation to the scan...
  • Whoopi Responds to Racist Rant
    Hell hath no fury like a Whoopi Goldberg scorned. Watch her turn the tables on a Fox News anchor's stereotype of rapper speak. The lesson? Mimicking goes both ways, and two can play that ...
  • The Most Offensive Attack Ad Ever
    This ad from Turn Right USA makes Christine O'Donnell's witch spot seem normal. The PAC slams California Democrat Janice Hahn in an incredibly racist and sexist commercial.
  • Simmon's Uncomfortable Family Jewels
    Well, this isn't uncomfortable: Shannon Tweed stormed out of an interview on The Joy Behar Show when husband KISS frontman Gene Simmons referenced his famous philandering. Catch the full ...
  • The GOP Debate Game Show
    America's Got...America? Jon Stewart quipped that the New Hampshire GOP debate was actually the most patriotic game show ever, thanks to the hard hitting questions about pizza, Elvis, and...

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  • Video: ISIS closes in on Turkish border
    NBC's Richard Engel and Bloomberg News' Indira Lakshmanan join Craig Melvin to discuss ISIS gaining speed and land despite U.S. airstrikes. (Daily Rundown)
  • Video: Demanding democracy in Hong Kong
    Protestors have demanded that Hong Kong's leader step down by noon Thursday and Taiwan to supports the protest, but will this be enough to force resignation of the current leadership? CN...
  • Video: Lessons learned from losing sight, hearing
    Peter Alexander’s sister Rebecca Alexander joins to tell the story behind her new book “Not Fade Away.” She shares what she’s learned from having a rare genetic disorder that impacts her...
  • Video: Clinton, Bush unveil scholars program
    NBC’s Michael Beschloss talks about the combined effort of the Clinton, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush and Lyndon Johnson libraries to create a program for scholars to study presidenti...
  • Video: Ceasefire agreement falling apart?
    Nina Khrushcheva explains whether sanctions against Russia will help end the fighting in Ukraine. She also talks about whether the ceasefire agreement between the Urkainian government an...

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  • Video: MP: 'No nut job with a gun' will deter Canada
    Member of Parliament Charlie Angus joins Andrea Mitchell to talk about the aftermath of the shootings in Canada that caused a massive lockdown on Wednesday in the city. (Andrea Mitchell)
  • Video: New polls show close battleground state races
    Andrea Mitchell talks to Chuck Todd from the road about his Meet the Voters bus tour through key battleground states ahead of the midterms. Susan Page also joins the conversation. (Andre...
  • Video: Another WH fence jumper apprehended
    NBC News’ Kristen Welker reports on the latest White House security breach after another fence jumping incident Wednesday night. Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., also weighs in on the securi...
  • Video: Canadian reporter: My back was to the gunman
    Cormac Mac Sweeney, Parliament Hill bureau chief for CityNews and 680 News, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the chaotic scene following multiple shootings on Wednesday in Ottawa, Canada...
  • Video: CDC to brief Obama on Ebola
    Dr. Zeke Emmanuel joins Andrea Mitchell Reports to discuss the latest on the disease. Emmanuel also talks about the death of a New Jersey preschooler due to the Enterovirus. (Andrea Mitc...

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  • Video: Green energy a 'game changer' for midterms?
    Clean energy policies could play a major role in the outcome of many Midterms elections, as Republicans run on increasing oil production. Ed Schultz, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Michael ...
  • Video: Searching for answers in Ottawa aftermath
    Canadian officials released the name of the shooter in this morning's tragic incident at the Parliament Building. Ed Schultz, Heather Hurlburt, Steve Clemons and Clint Van Zandt discuss ...
  • Video: Kasich: Obamacare's here to stay in Ohio
    Republican Governor John Kasich should sail smoothly into re-election even after making the biggest conservative mistake: admitting that Obamacare will not be repealed. Ed Schultz and Re...
  • Video: 15,000 postal service jobs could disappear
    Republican attack against the United States Postal Service grows, as the do-nothing Congress down make your mail delivery significantly slower. Ed Schultz and Sen. Bernie Sanders discuss...
  • Video: Shady campaign ads in Sunshine State
    The race for the governor's mansion in Florida places the two candidates neck-and-neck, causing Gov. Rick Scott to resort to playing the "O" card against Charlie Crist. Ed Schultz, Ana R...

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  • Video: A dose of fun tonight
    There are a lot of serious stories leading up to the midterm elections, but TRMS executive producer Cory Gnazzo gives a quick preview of a little dose of fun toward the end of tonight’s ...
  • Video: Canadians confront terror threat from within
    Charlie Angus, member of the Canadian Parliament, talks with Rachel Maddow about his experience being inside the Parliament building during today's deadly shooting, and the need for a me...
  • Video: State's top Republican indicted on corruption
    Rachel Maddow reports on the strategy that enabled Republicans to take over the state of Alabama and the indictment on 23 felony corruption charges of Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard,...
  • Video: Ebola survival stories are welcome good news
    Rachel Maddow reports that Amber Vinson, the second nurse to contract Ebola in the U.S., has tested free of the Ebola virus, and Ashoka Mukpo, the freelance journalist working for NBC, i...
  • Video: Parliament attack not unprecedented
    Rachel Maddow reviews the history of attacks on the Canadian Parliament building, beginning with a botched bombing in 1966 that only killed the would-be bomber because of a miscalculatio...

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  • KCRW Presents: Zola Jesus
    The prolific young singer performs "Dangerous Days" from her pop-minded new album, Taiga .
  • Wild Beasts: A 'Beautiful Truth' In A Beautiful Bar
    We asked the romantic London band to perform a song from its album Present Tense in The Campbell Apartment, an antique bar tucked into the corner of New York's bustling Grand Central Stat...
  • Johnny Winter, 'Death Letter'
    See the last studio performance and recording Johnny Winter made. The video, for the song "Death Letter," offers a intimate glimpse into the late blues guitarist's life and love of music.
  • Doug Paisley feat. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, 'Until I Find You'
    Will Oldham may guest in this new song from rustic songwriter Doug Paisley, but the star of "Until I Find You" is visual artist Heather Goodchild.
  • Anthony D'Amato: Tiny Desk Concert
    D'Amato's new album The Shipwreck From The Shore can feel Motown-y, garage-y and Springsteen-y, and all that production serves his songs well. But here the Tiny Desk, his music is sparer.

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  • Dear Prudence: Meddlesome Pediatrician?
    Slate's advice columnist Prudence counsels a doctor about when it's acceptable to comment on parenting behavior outside of his practice.
  • How to Print a Bicycle
    Printing three-dimensional objects sounds like something out of Star Trek. But more and more people are using computer-designs to create 3-D items on specialized printers, just as they mi...
  • Osama, The Undead
    Illustrator Steve Brodner ponders how Bin Laden may haunt the world in his afterlife, in this episode of “Smashing Crayons.”
  • Dear Prudence: Secret Pregnancy
    Slate's advice columnist Prudence counsels a woman whose partner is afraid to tell her co-workers that she's pregnant.
  • Dear Prudence: Unwanted Dog Doting
    Slate's advice columnist Prudence counsels a woman who's fed up with people gawking at her tiny dogs.

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  • ioSafe SoloPro
    The ioSafe SoloPro is an unusually bulky and heavy external hard drive but it can safeguard your data against extreme heat and water submersion.
  • Samsung Eternity II
    If you can do without a physical keyboard, the Samsung Eternity II is a functional midrange phone for AT&T.
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (AT&T)
    The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 offers a slick, user-friendly design with a solid feature set and good call quality. We lament, however, that thedevice is stuck on Android 1.6.
  • Toshiba Satellite T235D-S1345
    The Toshiba Satellite T235D-S1345 is a solid, slim and affordable 13-inch tweener laptop for ultraportable computing, but in a landscape of thinner and faster alternatives it no longer st...
  • Livescribe Echo
    The Livescribe Echo is a ballpoint pen and voice recorder combination that preserves digital copies of your notes and recordings, perfect for students and professionals.

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  • Three Things to Know About Gift Cards
    Gift card exchange websites might seem like an easy solution for getting cash back from unwanted gift cards, but consumers should evaluate some gift card sites carefully before proceedin...
  • Tick Toq: Qualcomm Takes on the Smartwatch
    The Qualcomm Toq showcases some cool technology, but this smartwatch definitely isn't ready for prime time.
  • Motorola's Moto G Is the "Budget" Phone to Beat
    The new Moto G is a solid, mid-range Android smartphone available for $180 without a contract. AllThingsD's Lauren Goode goes through the pros and cons of the phone.
  • Game Time: Sony PlayStation 4
    Seven years after the PlayStation 3, Sony's next-gen game console is here. See what the PlayStation 4 has to offer and how it compares to the Xbox One.
  • Mossberg's Swan Song: 20 Years of Personal Tech
    Remember the Apple Newton? How about Netscape? Even if these products did not last until the present, they left their mark in the evolution of personal technology. For his final WSJ vide...

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  • How Do Astronomers Find Exoplanets?
    NASA's Kepler spacecraft has discovered nearly 3,000 possible exoplanets by tracking slight fluctuations in starlight to reveal their orbits. This is one of several methods employed in th...
  • How Do Tornadoes Form?
    Every year tornadoes rip through the U.S. Midwest, leaving death, injury and billions of dollars of damage in their wake. Where do these twisters come from, and just how nasty can they ge...
  • Why Do Autumn Leaves Change Color?
    Scientific American editor Mark Fischetti explains how the leaves of deciduous trees perform their annual chameleon act, changing from various shades of green to hues of bronze, orange an...
  • Personal Drones: Are They a Public Hazard?
    DIY drone enthusiasts speak out about safety -- Read more on
  • Can Humans Cause Earthquakes? - Instant Egghead
    We're digging deeper into Earth's crust than we ever have before, pulling water up and pumping it down. As Scientific American editor David Biello explains, these are just a few of the ma...

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