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  • Family Dollar rejects Dollar General offer
    MATTHEWS, N.C. (AP) -- Family Dollar is rebuffing Dollar General's takeover bid, citing antitrust issues. The discounter's board supports its existing merger with Dollar Tree....
  • Bank of America agrees to nearly $17B settlement
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The government has reached a $16.65 billion settlement with Bank of America over its role in the sale of mortgage-backed securities in the run-up to the financial crisi...
  • Why Bank of America deal might not cost it $17B
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- How much will Bank of America's expected $17 billion mortgage settlement cost the company? The answer is, almost certainly not that much....
  • Stocks move higher for a fourth day
    NEW YORK (AP) -- U.S. stocks were mostly higher in early trading Thursday, helped by a report that showed the number of people seeking unemployment benefits remains at a multi-year low. H...
  • US existing home sales rise for 4th straight month
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sales of existing U.S. homes rose for the fourth straight month in July to their highest level in nearly a year, the latest sign that the housing recovery is picking up...

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  • Hot New Job: Migrant Beer-Canning Expert
    Mobile canning companies help craft beer move into the mainstream.image
  • Yoga Poseurs: Athletic Gear Soars, Outpacing Sport Itself
    The rate of growth in the U.S. retail athletic apparel market is surging, even as Americans' rate of participating in most sports is in decline. For instance, the demand for yoga gear is ...
  • Moscow Advances on McDonald's
    Russia temporarily closed four McDonald's restaurants in Moscow, citing sanitary violations, amid the country's most-serious confrontation with the West since the Cold War.image
  • Family Dollar Rejects Dollar General Bid
    Family Dollar rejected a $9 billion takeover offer from rival Dollar General, pointing to antitrust concerns and reaffirmed its support for its deal with Dollar Tree.image
  • Sears Plans More Cost Cuts
    Sears, the struggling store operator that was once a prominent fixture of the U.S. retail landscape, posted a $573 million quarterly loss and indicated that more cost cuts and changes are...

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BusinessWeek - MagazineBusinessWeek - Magazine

  • The Rise and Inglorious Fall of Myspace
    It once promised to redefine music, politics, dating, and pop culture. Rupert Murdoch fell in love with it. Then everything fell apart
  • Market America's American Dream Machine
    JR and Loren Ridinger made a fortune, won celebrity friends, and built a multilevel marketing empire by selling their most valuable asset: Themselves
  • How to Save Greece
    Debt doesn't have to spell disaster. A solution to Europe's crisis exists—and it's worked before
  • Bloomberg View
    The Supreme Court gets the Wal-Mart ruling right • Deficit math that doesn't add up
  • What Now, Chairman Bernanke?
    Some economists and former Fed officials think Bernanke should rethink the central bank's wait-and-see policy as growth slows

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  • A farewell to How the World Works
    Coverage of politics, the economy, and globalization will continue, but the branded blog will not
  • Solyndra's China syndrome
    A worker walks behind solar panels on the factory roof of the Yingli Green Energy Holding Company in Baoding, Hebei Province.While Republicans seize upon a solar power fiasco to attack gr...
  • Operation treason?
    U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben BernankeWhy markets are tanking: The Fed's new plan admits the economy is in trouble but doesn't come close to fixing it
  • Facebook's enraging status update
    The social media network annoys its users, again, with a confusing revamp. There must be an agenda here, somewhere
  • Does Google deserve the Microsoft treatment?
    Eric SchmidtThe search engine giant is feeling the antitrust heat. Not all of it is justified -- but some is


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  • Apple Leaves Coke Flat in Global Top Brand Survey
    As soda loses its popularity in the developed world, Apple bumps Coca-Cola out of its top spot.
  • Shutdown? Don’t Panic Yet
    It’s a down day, but as the government shutdown looms, Wall Street isn’t freaking out yet. Daniel Gross on why the markets may be waiting for Boehner and the fractious Republicans to blink.
  • Solar Power on a Grand Scale
    There’s a new type of solar plant coming online. Does it have a future?
  • Now Wall Street’s Worried
    Fairly blasé until now about the prospect of a shutdown and default, Wall Street is waking up. By Daniel Gross.
  • Business Ignores Food Stamp Cuts
    Supermarkets and food manufacturers depend on food stamps for a significant chunk of their sales each year. Yet as Republicans push for huge, punitive cuts in funding for the program, the...

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BusinessWeek - Europe InsightBusinessWeek - Europe Insight

  • Google Android Triumphs at Nokias Expense
    Competition from the Apple iPhone has gotten most of the blame for Nokia's struggle in the past few years to maintain relevance and market share in smartphones. But the Android operating...
  • Nokia Profit Tops Estimate as Share Falls
    The Finns aren't gloating types, but they must be taking a certain amount of delight from Nokia's third-quarter comeback. The world's largest mobile phone maker on Oct. 21 reported reven...
  • Ericsson Charts Changing Usage of TV
    The way consumers use television is changing rapidly, with 70 percent of viewers now streaming, downloading, or watching recorded broadcasts on a weekly basis and half accessing on-deman...
  • Nokias Results Sag Amid Faint Hope
    By most measures, the world's largest maker of mobile phones delivered disappointing second-quarter results on July 22. Revenues grew less than 1 percent from the same quarter a year ear...
  • A New Approach to Classroom Computers
    Israeli startup Time To Know is out to revolutionize education by offering schools a new digital teaching platform and interactive curriculum. The company's ambitious goal: to radically ...

BusinessWeek - Eye on AsiaBusinessWeek - Eye on Asia

  • The Indian Outsourcer to Watch is Based in Teaneck
    (This post originally referred incorrectly to HCL Technology. The correct name is HCL Technologies.) Indian outsourcers are getting ready for more growth. Indian newspaper The Economic T...
  • In Electronics, Japan Still Matters
    In the global technology industry's pecking order, Japanese consumer electronics companies long ago surrendered their top spot to more nimble competitors like Samsung Electronics and App...
  • China's Surprising Trade Numbers
    By Dexter Roberts Amongst the flood of economic statistics released this week by Beijing, the trade numbers certainly were some of the most notable. With imports up 19.4% and exports up ...
  • Alibaba Replies on Piracy Claims
    By Bruce Einhorn Following my post the other day about the difficulties at Alibaba , company spokesman John Spelich contacted me to point out a few things. First of all, he says Alibaba ...
  • Alibaba's Bad Week Gets Worse
    By Bruce Einhorn As if Chinese Internet company didn't already have enough problems, the U.S. government has delivered another blow to chairman Jack Ma's group. The U.S. Trad...

BusinessWeek - Getting InBusinessWeek - Getting In

  • Pushing Free Online Learning in a New Direction
    Business professors from several top universities in the U.S. are among a dozen instructors participating in one of the online education market's latest experiments, a new website called...
  • B-Schools: Go Global or Die?
    No one in their right mind would claim that there is such a thing as a best place in the world to conduct business. After all, how could you compare the City of London to an Indian techn...
  • Scared Straight? For MBAs, Maybe, Maybe Not
    A few days ago, Garrett Bauer, who pleaded guilty in December to one of the longest-running and profitable insider trading schemes of all time, appeared on a video screen in a conference...
  • ForumWatch: Alternatives to the Full-Time MBA
    Ever since the financial crisis hit in 2008, the gainfully employed have been in a pickle: do nothing to improve your skills and your job may not be yours for long, quit a job to go back...
  • Europe: Younger B-School Applicants Staying Put
    A new report from the Graduate Management Admission Council, the folks who bring you the GMAT test, is full of the kind of positive news GMAC is known for. Indeed, the number of GMAT exa...


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  • CCI Moves to Bloomberg
    Distribution of the ongoing Consumer Comfort Index has been transferred to Bloomberg Finance LP under an exclusive licensing agreement with Langer Research Associates, producer of the wee...
  • Rising Gas Prices Slam Consumer Sentiment
    Soaring gasoline prices slammed consumer sentiment into reverse this week, threatening the slow recovery in economic views that’s been under way. With gas now at record high for a Februar...
  • Consumer Sentiment: Struggling Forward
    Consumer views of current economic conditions resumed their struggle forward this week, with the weekly Consumer Comfort Index inching back near the high end of its recent range. The inde...
  • SOTU Comes at a Tender Time for Consumer Confidence
    Barack Obama faces a tricky task in tonight’s State of the Union address: Encouraging the public’s tentative hopes for recovery while not losing sight of still-deep dissatisfaction with c...
  • Edge In Optimism Hits An 8-Year High
    Economic optimism exceeds pessimism by the widest margin in more than eight years in this week’s ongoing Consumer Comfort survey, a fresh sign of improvement in public views of the nation...

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  • Portugal, Ireland woes dominate EU summit
    BRUSSELS -- Just on the day EU leaders were hoping to present the final version of their plan to solve the region's debt crisis, their summit in Brussels was overwhelmed Thursday by debat...
  • Moody's downgrades ratings of Spanish banks
    MADRID -- Moody's downgraded the debt of 30 Spanish banks Thursday but left untouched the ratings of the country's three largest banks, highlighting the weaknesses in Spain's financial sy...
  • Markets brush off Portuguese bailout concerns
    LONDON -- Markets on Thursday brushed aside mounting speculation that Portugal would soon be tapping a European bailout fund amid hopes that the continent's debt crisis may be about to cl...
  • Japan disaster reminds businesses about insurance
    NEW YORK -- It might be inconceivable to small business owners that a disaster hundreds or thousands of miles away could shut them down. But the earthquake and tsunami in Japan have inter...
  • Irish economy shrinks for 3rd straight year
    DUBLIN -- Ireland's economy shrank in 2010 for the third straight year and the yields on Irish bonds rose to euro-era highs Thursday amid fears that the cost of rescuing the country's fai... - Mutual - Mutual Funds

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  • Well: Food and the Dying Patient
    The medicalization of food deprives the dying of some of the last remnants of the human experience: taste, smell, touch and connection to loved ones.
  • Well: Is Breakfast Overrated?
    Researchers are questioning the assumptions behind morning meals.
  • Well: What Is So Special About Iyengar Yoga?
    This week the international yoga community said goodbye to B.K.S. Iyengar, a favorite teacher credited with bringing yoga to the Western world. One of his students, Carrie Owerko, a New Y...
  • Well: Feeding Your Canine Athlete
    Humans and dogs fuel exercise very differently. So if you’re taking your dog out for a run, take note. Dogs are endowed with more endurance-related muscle fibers than cats, making them be...
  • Well: Fish as Brain Food
    Eating fish is associated with an increase in brain volume, but it is apparently not because of its omega-3 content, a new study of older adults has found.

MSNBC - Health CareMSNBC - Health Care

  • Red state Medicaid expansion no shock
    Florida governor Rick Scott created a stir this week when he said he’d expand Medicaid as requested by the Obama administration. But health policy experts say it's hard for any governor t...
  • Sponsored By:
  • Florida governor expands Medicaid
    Florida governor Rick Scott, one of the biggest critics of President Obama’s health reform efforts, said Wednesday he would do the administration’s bidding and expand the Medicaid program.
  • Final health benefit rules clarify confusion
    The Obama administration cleared up some confusion on Wednesday about rules governing just which health services insurance companies have to pay for.
  • Hospital granted request: no black nurses, suit says
    An African-American nurse is suing a Michigan hospital after she says staff there agreed to a swastika-tattooed father’s request that no black nurses care for his new baby. Tonya Battle, ...

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  • Final Glance: Airlines companies
    Delta Air rose$. 98 or 2.5 percent, to $40.52. JetBlue Airways Corp. rose$. 40 or 3.2 percent, to $12.73. Southwest Airlines Co. rose$. 82 or 2.7 percent, to $31.57.
  • Final Glance: Construction companies
    Fluor rose$. 62 or. 8 percent, to $74.29. Foster Wheeler fell$. 28 or. 9 percent, to $32.11. Quanta Services Inc. fell$. 15 or. 4 percent, to $35.17.
  • Midday Glance: Airlines companies
    Delta Air rose$. 86 or 2.2 percent, to $40.40. JetBlue Airways Corp. rose$. 40 or 3.2 percent, to $12.73. Southwest Airlines Co. rose$. 57 or 1.9 percent, to $31.32.
  • Midday Glance: Construction companies
    NEW YORK— Shares of some top construction companies are mixed at 1 p.m.:. Foster Wheeler fell$. 18 or. 5 percent, to $32.22. Quanta Services Inc. fell$. 14 or. 4 percent, to $35.18.
  • US warns travelers of canceled Venezuela flights
    CARACAS, Venezuela— Come to Venezuela and you might get a longer trip than you bargained for. The U.S. Embassy in Caracas issued an advisory Tuesday urging Americans to be careful when tr...

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  • Glencore Plans $1 Billion Buyback
    Glencore said it would buy back $1 billion in shares and avoid expensive expansion projects. But CEO Ivan Glasenberg signaled possible interest in mining assets that BHP plans to spin off.
  • Icahn Takes 8.5% Stake in Hertz
    Activist investor Carl Icahn disclosed an 8.5% stake in Hertz Global Holdings Inc. and said he may seek board representation.
  • H-P Delivers Fleeting Reward
    H-P's revenue rose 1.3% in the three months ended July 31, the first sales increase after 11 straight quarters of decline. However CEO Meg Whitman cautioned that the revenue growth may no...
  • Private-Equity Firms Pursue Buyout of American Tire
    A handful of private-equity firms are vying to buy American Tire Distributors Holdings Inc. in an auction that could fetch more than $3 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.
  • Mexico's Pemex Prepares to Compete With Private Firms
    State-owned oil company Petróleos Mexicanos said it is creating drilling, logistics and electricity affiliates as it restructures its operations to compete with private oil firms.

BusinessWeek - ManagementBusinessWeek - Management

Markets - - Markets

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  • Bond Sales in Africa Losing Allure
    African governments are on pace to issue a record amount of bonds in 2014, but global investors' appetite for African bonds may be testing its limit.
  • Market Chilly to Argentine Debt Proposal
    Argentina's options are dwindling after its latest proposal to exit default by sidestepping a U.S. court order met with skepticism in financial markets on Wednesday.
  • Berkshire Hathaway to Pay Penalty
    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has agreed to pay $896,000 to settle U.S. allegations it violated antitrust laws by failing to report the acquisition of an equity stake in USG Corp.
  • Corn, Soybean Yields Shoot Higher
    Estimates of corn yields from the Pro Farmer crop tour mostly have exceeded U.S. Agriculture Department estimates, adding pressure to corn prices. Also, much of the nation's soybean crop ...


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  • FTC cracks down on companies promising due diligence
    One of the first things I do when I’m about to purchase a product or service is check the Internet for information. I’m particularly interested in getting help from companies that make m...
  • Busted iPhones add up to big business
    I’ve long felt that too many people have become too attached to their smartphones. But not only do people have an unhealthy and often annoying attachment to these devices, they are also ...
  • Not everyone who needs help is a moocher
    By Mitt Romney’s measure, my grandmother was a moocher. You’ve probably heard about the Republican standard-bearer’s remarks videotaped at a private fundraiser in May and released this w...
  • How to spot financial crimes against seniors
    Jacquelyn Atchley isn’t bitter. At least not anymore. But the 73-year-old retired Oklahoman certainly has the right to be angry. She lost $180,000 — all of her retirement savings — in a ...
  • Case history in bad behavior
    You’ve probably heard “to whom much is given, much is required.” But when is the much you’re giving too much? I received a plea from one single woman who felt guilty because she decided ... - Money - Money Magazine

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Washington Post - Real EstateWashington Post - Real Estate

Los Angeles Times - Real EstateLos Angeles Times - Real Estate - Real - Real Estate

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New York Times - Media & AdvertisingNew York Times - Media & Advertising

Wall Street Journal - Media & MarketingWall Street Journal - Media & Marketing - Sales and - Sales and Marketing


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  • Antivirus Works Too Well, Gripe Cybercops
    For years, police have been in a cat-and-mouse game with a shifting foe that can frustrate investigations—antivirus software.image
  • Coolpad Eyes Overseas Expansion
    After overtaking Samsung Electronics to become the third-largest smartphone maker in China, Coolpad, a brand little known outside of the country, is now setting its sights overseas.image
  • UPS Warns of Data Breach
    UPS said that a data breach at 51 of its UPS Stores may have compromised data on approximately 105,000 customer transactions between January and August.image
  • Delaware Eases Access to Digital Data of Dead
    As policy makers wrestle with how to handle the digital remains people leave behind on sites like Google and Facebook after they die, a new state law expanding access to the deceased's ac...
  • Review: Big Tab Is Worth Kids' Time
    Fuhu's Nabi Big Tab is the size of a small TV, giving kids—and parents—a stage to play well together.image

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