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Bangkok Post Bangkok Post

  • No sex please, we're Thai
    It started off as nothing more than a small fishing village on the Gulf of Thailand. Its long sweeping bay was dotted with a few boats and shacks where the villagers lived. Then a group o...
  • Tracing the path of terror home
    The government has made clear its intention to make Thailand a Southeast Asian hub. Whether that means building a high-tech industry base or adopting leadership in aviation design, the id...
  • The Big Issue: Those pesky tourists
    If you need to watch a rant or even start a hot dispute, pick an expatriate, any expat, and say "double pricing".
  • Bangkok on the road to nowhere
    The past week saw lots of interesting stories, but the one that caught my attention was about the traffic jams. Best of all was the reaction by our government on the reasons for the rise ...
  • A tale of wasted days and wasted nights
    One of my New Year's resolutions was not to write about Bangkok's traffic woes, a thankless topic. I held out for 57 days, which is not a bad effort considering the hours already wasted t...

The NationThe Nation



TAN News NetworkTAN News Network

Manager Daily

  • Supernova
    The supernova explosion was first spotted in 1987 and is among the brightest supernova within the last 400 years. The growing number of bright spots on the ring was produced by an onslaug...
  • Manneken Pis statue
    Brussels' famous Manneken Pis statue has been cheekily urinating into its Baroque fountain for 400 years, and for about as long, fans around the world have dressed up the naked little boy...
  • Japan's First Lady's school scandal
    Japanese media reported that the state property in Osaka, western Japan, was sold in 2016 for 134 million yen ($1.2 million), one-seventh of its appraised price.
  • Pele's son turns self in for Brazil prison sentence
    SAO PAULO (AFP) - The son of football legend Pele turned himself in late Friday after being ordered by a Brazilian court to begin serving a nearly 13-year prison sentence for money laund...
  • World's most expensive rum bottle
    The world's most expensive rum bottle was auctioned to raise funds for fighting sick cells anemia.

Phuket GazettePhuket Gazette

Pattaya Daily NewsPattaya Daily News

  • Daily Weather Forecast Distribution Sunday 25 January 2015
    Daily Weather Forecast Distribution Sunday 25 January 2015 by Pattaya Meteorological Station. The post Daily Weather Forecast Distribution Sunday 25 January 2015 appeared first on Pattay...
  • Dogs Attack Officers
    A man was arrested in his house on charge of drugs during which his dogs attacked the officers to help their owner. The post Dogs Attack Officers appeared first on Pattaya Daily News .
  • Tour Guides Quarreled And Shot Each Other In Pattaya
    :: :: Chinese tour guides argued with other illicit guides and ended up shooting each other The post Tour Guides Quarreled And Shot Each Other In Pattaya appea...
  • Chinese Man’s Gold Snatched In Pattaya
    :: :: A Chinese man had his gold necklace snatched in Pattaya, he complained that there were a lot of thieves in Pattaya. The post Chinese Man’s Gold Snatched ...
  • Tour Guides Quarreled And Shot Each Other In Pattaya
    Chinese tour guides argued with other illicit guides and ended up shooting each other The post Tour Guides Quarreled And Shot Each Other In Pattaya appeared first on Pattaya Daily News .

Pattaya Today

  • Your Pattaya Horrorscope
    Aquarius (Jan 23-Feb22) Let the past be your guide to the future. For example, if you have been given a police breathe test in the past three months, the law of averages means you will be...
  • 10 Women Body Parts That Men Love (It’s Not What You Think)
    If you’ve ever wondered exactly what body parts of a woman are the most appealing to men, we’ve got it down to a science! Emphasizing your femininity by paying attention to the fine detai...
  • The 1952 movie Ivanhoe beats the novel
    It’s never easy adapting a book to film.  Sir Walter Scott’s novel Ivanhoe has literally dozens of characters whilst the main character is offstage or wounded for the greater part of the ...
  • Neuroscience in the Classroom
    by Rob Cable The application of educational neuroscience in schools has faced a lot of criticism with many believing that there is a sufficient lack of concrete evidence to support its ef...
  • F5 Networks Partner Connect
    John Di Lullo, executive vice president, Worldwide Sales, and the F5 Networks Thailand leaders led by Watchara Jiracharoensuwan (far right) F5 Networks Thailand country manager, hosted th...

The IrrawaddyThe Irrawaddy

Asia News Network

  • 31 October 2015
    The ice-thawing meeting to be held over the weekend among leaders of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea will provide new incentives for regional cooperation and promote the stability ...
  • Nepal to India: Fulfil supply commitment
    Nepal's Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently made two separate communications to the Indian government to fulfil its commitment made at the political level to ease and increase the suppli...
  • 10kg cocaine seized on Indo-Bangla border
    In the biggest ever seizure of drugs in terms of monetary value along the India-Bangladesh border, Indian Border Security Force (BSF) on Wednesday seized 10 kg cocaine worth 400 million I...
  • Taiwan to pursue MH-60R Seahawk sale from the US
    Taiwan's military yesterday confirmed that it is seeking to buy 10 MH-60R Seahawk anti-submarine warfare helicopter from the US to replace its existing aging chopper fleet
  • Japan's MSDF, US Navy in joint S. China Sea drill
    Japan's Maritime Self-Defence Force is holding a joint drill with the US Navy in the South China Sea, it has been learned

BBC News - Asia PacificBBC News - Asia Pacific

CNN - AsiaCNN - Asia

  • Toxic chemical weapon used to kill Kim Jong Nam, police say
    The chemical substance used to kill Kim Jong Nam was VX nerve agent, according to a preliminary report by the Chemistry Department of Malaysia, Malaysian police said in a statement Friday...
  • What is VX nerve agent?
    Malaysian police have revealed the substance that killed Kim Jong Nam was a highly toxic nerve agent that's banned under a number of international conventions.
  • Diplomatic fallout: What's at stake?
    Diplomatic relations between Malaysia and North Korea are getting more strained by the day, in the wake of the brazen public murder of Kim Jong Nam.
  • Timeline
    With the death of a dictator's half-brother, things were bound to get interesting.
  • Refugees who sheltered Snowden now live in fear in Hong Kong
    Three asylum seeker families who sheltered US whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013 say they are living in fear because of reports that Sri Lankan police officials have been in Hong Kong t...

Wall Street JournalWall Street Journal

Al Jazeera - Asia

Yahoo! News - AsiaYahoo! News - Asia

Korn ChatikavanijKorn Chatikavanij

Tulsathit, The NationTulsathit, The Nation

veen_NT on Twitterveen_NT on Twitter

Richard BarrowRichard Barrow

Georgebkk, ThaivisaGeorgebkk, Thaivisa

vaitor (Florian Witulski)vaitor (Florian Witulski)

Financial TimesFinancial Times


Asian InvestorAsian Investor

Yahoo! News (About Thailand)Yahoo! News (About Thailand)

Thailand Press ReleasesThailand Press Releases

Yahoo! News - AsiaYahoo! News - Asia

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